You already know that tropical plants provide aesthetic appeal, but did you know about these other benefits?

Tropical Plants Aid in Managing Building Environment

Interior plants can lower O&M costs. Studies indicate that plants release moisture in office environments, creating a humidity level matching the human comfort range of 30% to 60%. When office air humidity falls below this range, materials such as wood can become cracked. When office air humidity exceeds this range, condensation can cause structural damage. By keeping office air humidity levels within the proper comfort range, interior plants can help you avoid costly repairs.

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Tropical Plants Increase Productivity

Interior plants are more than office decorations. In fact, it has been proven through scientific studies that interior plants can decrease your employees’ stress levels while raising their productivity levels by as much as 12%.

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Tropical Plants Reduce Absenteeism

Sick Building Syndrome develops into a serious and expensive liability when common microorganisms and toxins become concentrated within office buildings. Scientific data confirms that office buildings are often 10 times more polluted than the air outside. Research shows, however, that plant-filled rooms contain 50% to 60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants. By adding plants to your office, you may be able to reduce expenses incurred from employee sick days.

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Tropical Plants Enhance Company Image

Interior plants can alter the perceptions of employees and clients for the better. People view buildings with plants as being cleaner,more expensive, and more interesting than buildings without live tropical plants. Interior plants put people more at ease and make them feel more welcome. People who feel at ease are more likely to spend money. They will feel better about doing business with a company that they perceive to be successful. Well cared for plants will make your clients feel that they, too, will be well cared for.

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