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Returning to Work? Office Plants are THE ONE thing you need most...

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

With much of the workforce either contemplating, hybridizing, or requiring a return to the office, it's important to know how to make your work environment inviting, healthy & beautiful for the returning employees. Let's be honest, most people have gotten used to working from the confines and comforts of their own homes - working in pajamas, on a flexible schedule, from various locations, protected from Covid, and so on and so forth. You know how it goes. Creating a space your employees actually look forward to coming back to is of the utmost importance with the return to the office.

Indoor office plants are THE ONE thing you need most for preparing for this new return to the office transition.

We aren't talking about people bringing in their favorite plants from home.


We are talking about professionally designed office spaces, with specific interior landscape and biophilic designs, in mind for your space.

Why, you ask?

We're happy to answer...

Office plants contribute to a healthy environment

Health and safety will be at the forefront of many of your employees returning to the office.

After years of Covid, clean, purified air is something every environment needs to keep in mind. While there is a great debate on whether or not plants in particular environments actually purify the air, we do know that the perception alone that plants purify the air create a positive view of the workspace. In a small study from Tove Fjeld in Oslow, Norway, plants in offices were shown to improve employee health by an average of 23 percent. This included ailments like fatigue, headache, sore throat and coughs. Plants bring a feeling of freshness and cleanliness to the air that makes spaces feel safer in regards to air quality and purity.

Office plants promote social distancing

Social distancing has been a huge part of the prevention of Covid during the pandemic and will most likely become the norm in regards to preventing the spread of illness in the workplace. Many companies are employing strategies that are less obvious but still promote social distancing. Plants can be used for this very thing. Specific placements of planters or walls/borders of plants can help guide traffic or create necessary spacing for social distancing. Without having to place unsightly signs all over the office, a specific interior landscape design can be implemented to create the very same effect.

Indoor plants relieve stress & anxiety

The potential physiological and psychological effects of plants on humans has been studied since the 1980's. There is a correlation in many studies on the calming effects of plants. From the microbes in the soil that are natural antidepressants to the positive changes in the body's brain activity, muscle tension, & heart activity, plants create a type of serenity that is often needed in the fast paced work environment.

Office plants absorb background noise

With the advent of the "open workspace" or even in the classic cubicle designed office, background noise can be super frustrating to your employees. Luckily, placing plants throughout your workspace can help with this pest. In the same way plants placed along noisy highways and interstates decrease noise pollution, strategically placed plants throughout your workspace help absorb unwanted noise and chatter, especially in places where there are hard-surfaced flooring and no other means for sound absorption. Decreasing the noise promotes productivity and provides a more peaceful environment for everyone.

Office greenery makes your space feel like home

Even if your employees don't have plants in their home, there is something about plants in general that make a space feel more comfortable. Well organized and designed spaces create comfort for all who enter the space. From the harsh, hard environments of a blank canvas office to the lush inviting green space of an interior landscaped office, adding plants to your space increases the joy, creativity, and overall demeanor of your workspace

Why wouldn't you want a space with so many benefits? As an interior landscape company, we have seen offices transformed time and time again by adding beautiful plants to the space. Every time, the employees show their excitement about the plants as they are installed, and as our technicians come through to service and care for the plants, it is clear the plants become part of the office family.

We would love to add the perfect plants to your workspace. Schedule a consultation to get one step closer to giving your employees their new home away from home.


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