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No Space? No Problem! 5 Ideas For Offices With NO Room For Plants

Have an office space and want to add plants, but feel like it's impossible, because you have no floor space on which to place any pots?

Well think again!

Here are 5 Ideas of where to put plants when you don't have any floor space...

1. Hanging Plants

Don't forget to, "look up" in your space. Ceilings are often under used spaces, so if you are lacking in floor space, hanging plants can bring you just what you need. Placing these plants near windows, over desks, in corners, or interspersed throughout your space can make a really large impact. Utilizing spacing and different heights can draw the eye to a desired space in the room or soften a room that seems cold and dull.

2. Utilize Existing Furniture

Undoubtedly, you've already got furniture in your space if you know you don't have enough floor space for plants. So, let's be smart and use that existing furniture to our advantage as we design your interior landscape. Whether it be atop a table, a shelving unit, or a room divider, certainly there are plenty of spaces indoor plants could thrive in your space. Take a look around your office and see where there may be empty surfaces that could house a lovely indoor plant.

3. Plants On Shelves

When in doubt, put some plants on shelves! We use shelves all the time to both display items and for storage of items that may not fit elsewhere. Plants placed strategically upon shelves throughout a space help draw the eye to important areas. Utilizing indoor plants that might trail down could be intriguing in a space, or choose to keep everything tidy and compact. The best part is, that is totally up to you and what you want the vibe of your space to be.

4. Green Walls

No floor space?

Why not put the plants on the walls?

That's what we do at least...

Green Walls, also known as Living Plant Walls, are a great way to enliven an otherwise crowded space with plants. Your space has walls. That's pretty much a given. Let's take some of those walls and turn them into wonderful indoor landscapes by adding plant walls. Most green walls are tended and maintained by interior landscape companies like ours. It is always a pleasure to walk into a space with walls full of plants.

5. Moss Walls

Although a bit newer to the marketplace, moss walls are a great way to add plants and nature to a space. They really are a piece of art upon the walls and come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Moss walls help with acoustics in a space and add a calm element as well. Check out our Moss Wall Gallery to see more...

Now there are absolutely NO EXCUSES! Choose one or all of the above, but get some plants into your space! There are so many BENEFITS, you'd be losing out if you don't. Keep up with the trends, and create a space that is inviting to all who enter.

If you need help designing your space, reach out to us and we'd be happy to help.

We offer FREE Consultations for all those interested in making their space awesome!


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