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Best Indoor Plants for Low Light Offices

Have an office space without a ton of windows?

Think there is no way to bring plants into your space?

Think again...

As an interior landscaping company specializing in the care and maintenance of indoor office plants, we assure you that plants can and will survive in your office space. Check out our list of...

Low Light Office Plants

(Hover Over Images For Names)

ZZ Plant

Snake Plant



Dracaena Janet Craig

Peace Lily


Bromeliad Guzmania


You are definitely NOT out of options when it comes to spaces with low light. Believe it or not, there are many more plants out there that will survive and even thrive in a low light office, but these are our "go to" plants for sure.

Need help deciding which plants to put in your office space?

Reach out to us for a FREE Consultation HERE.

Wondering what the BENEFITS of putting plants in your office might be?

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