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Plant Spotlight: Aglaonema "Silver Bay"

Aglaonema "Silver Bay"

One of our "go-to" plants in interiorscape design is the beautiful Aglaonema "Silver Bay." This beauty makes an immediate significant impact in a space. The "Silver Bay" has a simple & stunning color pattern on its leaves. With a lighter greenish-"silver" interior and a rich dark green exterior trim on its foliage, this gorgeous indoor plant is noticeable from across the room. Its dense foliage makes the "Silver Bay" a great choice either as a stand alone office plant, or in a grouping. It goes well with all other indoor plants and looks great at many different sizes. The "Silver Bay" is easy to care for, has forgiving light requirements, and does well in most environments. How could you go wrong?!

Size & Growth

This aglaonema can grow to around 3' in overall width and height. It looks great at all sizes. The 2"-3" width of the leaves that grow on up to a 10" stem, make this plant look extremely lush and full. The new leaves unfurl into shiny variegated leaves with the two-tone dark green outside accompanied by the light/silver- green inside. The size of the pot will determine how large this plant grows, so plan accordingly.

Light & Temperature

One of the great features of this plant are its ability to adapt to a variety of light environments. Although the "Silver Bay" prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight, it can also adapt and grow in low-light environments, as well as fluorescent light environments like many office spaces. This particular variety of aglaonema prefers to stay between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. It can handle swings in temperatures either way, but it's best to keep it away from hot/cold drafts.

Watering & Feeding

Much like many other plants, the "Silver Bay" does not like to dry out completely. Make sure the plant has water, but not to the point where its soil is soaking wet. If you are unsure how much water to give, "sub-irrigating" is a good way to water this plant. To sub-irrigate, simply put water in the tray of the plant and let the plant soak it up as needed. During the winter months, the 'Silver Bay" will not need as much water as it slows down its growth in those months. It's all just part of the process, but be aware that your watering schedule may change. As far a fertilizer is concerned, this plant does not require a lot. A water soluble fertilizer once or twice a year can do the trick, or even a bit of iron if the leaves seem to be losing their vibrant color.


One of the best things you can do for your "Silver Bay" is keep it well groomed. If you see yellowing or blemished leaves, go ahead and prune them off with a sharp, sterile tool. Scissors will work just fine, as the stems are easy to cut through. Sometimes the stems will even pull off the plant very easily as long as you're relatively careful. Rest assured, when you pull one leaf off, another will soon begin to grow, keeping your plant full and lush. Keeping the "Silver Bay" well groomed assures it maintains its beauty year after year.

Using eye-catching plants like the "Silver Bay" makes any space memorable and inviting. There are such a vast amount of indoor tropical plants that can be used in your space. The design possibilities are almost infinite. Keep your eyes peeled for our future "Plant Spotlights" to learn about more luxurious indoor plants for your space. And don't forget to check out some of the major Benefits of Office Plants in the Workspace!

To see which plants would work best in your environment, Schedule a Consultation with us, and we will be happy to help you out!

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