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Plant Spotlight: Snake Plant

We LOVE using all types of snake plants! These plants can also be known as the Sansevieria or "Mother In-Law's Tongue." Snake plants are native to tropical western Africa. It is a stemless, evergreen perennial that can last for many years. There are numerous advantages to using this plant in an interiorscape, which makes it a favorite among designers and plantscape lovers. Check out a few of our favorite reasons for using the snake plant in our plantscape designs...

Great For Interior Design

There's a reason the snake plant is among the favorites for designing a space. The structure and shape of the snake plant makes the plant unique from many of the other interiorscape favorites. Its long, sword-like leaves, with their upright structure, create a clean modern look in spaces. When grouped in a row, the snake plant makes a unique barrier or natural wall to separate spaces. Because the natural growth of the snake plant is vertical without a broad reach, the snake plant is perfect for small spaces, corners, between desks, and in any empty spaces that cannot house a more traditional growing plant pattern. The sleek look and color patterns of the snake plant draw the eye to it as a focal point. And yet, it can also be used as a backdrop for a larger planting design. Due to the fact the snake plant can grow to be several feet tall, they are a great option to use in the back row of a planting space with a variety of other plants in front. There are so many ways to use the uniqueness of the snake plant, keeping it at the forefront for interiorscape designers all around.

Low Maintenance

Snake plants are known to be some of the easiest plants to care for. They are drought tolerant, can withstand many different light scenarios, and are pretty adaptable to various humidity conditions. Maintenance of this plant typically boils down to leaving it alone and making sure it is not over watered. It is a resilient succulent, so too much water is actually its biggest enemy. Making sure the soil has completely dried out between waterings is the best way to make sure you aren't over watering your plant. The snake plant is a great plant for those interested in starting their indoor plant collection. We love the ease of this maintenance free plant and you will too!

Major Oxygen Producer

Plants produce oxygen. It's part of the photosynthesis process. There are actually different types of photosynthesis processes, and the snake plant goes through a CAM photosynthesis cycle where the photosynthesis takes place during the day, but the gases are only exchanged at night. As a result, the snake plants actually release their oxygen during the night, which many will argue, make it a great plant to have in your bedroom so you can breathe in all that fresh oxygen while you're sleeping. Considering how well we have gotten at making things "energy efficient" by making windows and doors tightly seal to disallow air from entering or leaving, we have created these closed air systems that are often part of an office environment. Sure, there are air filters etc., but typically there is no way to let in fresh air by opening a window. And one could argue, that opening a window in a large, polluted urban area wouldn't be a great idea for fresh air anyways. By having a variety of plants, most of which release oxygen during the day, and by including some snake plants, which release their oxygen in the evening, one could create a beautiful way to bring in some fresh oxygen into an otherwise stale space.

Removes Air Pollutants

Studies have been and are being done to test and measure the amount of impact plants have on "purifying" the air. The snake plant, with its very large leaves, does in fact help collect several different volatile compounds, including benzene & formaldehyde, that are regularly found in our air. At the very minimum, adding snake plants to your space increases the feeling of having cleaner air. There is just something about "bringing the outside in" that makes a space feel fresher and cleaner.

Helps With Allergies

Snake plants are actually great "dust catchers." Their very large wide leaves makes a great space for the snake plant to collect dust in the leaf bundles. Not only that, as previously stated, the snake plant helps renew the air and remove some of those yucky toxins from the air. While a snake plant alone is not a remedy for a person with allergies, it certainly doesn't hurt to have them throughout your space. Those with allergies will appreciate all the help they can get.

There are many other benefits to having snake plants in your space. The previously listed are some of the top reasons, and hopefully compelling enough reasons for you to add a few snake plants to your space or your design. If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of having plants in your work environment, click HERE.

We'd love to help you design your interior landscape. Reach out to us for a FREE Consultation. We'd be happy to work through a design that fits within your budget.


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