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Plant Spotlight: Bromeliad - One of the Best Indoor Flowering Plants to Have

When it comes to indoor plants, flowering plants may be hard to find. Most likely you aren't going to walk into a space and see a ton of flowering plants like you would in the landscape designs you see outside. BUT...there are some flowering plants that grow really well inside and bring a ton of color to a space.

In this article, we are spotlighting the Bromeliad!

This is a beautiful flowering plant native to the tropical Americas, with over 3700 species!

The flowers of bromeliads come in all sorts of wonderful colors, making it a wonderful plant to use as a statement piece in a group of otherwise green plants. Not only do they often have a wonderfully colored flower, but some types of bromeliads have beautifully colored leaves and the general shapes of the leaves of bromeliads add interest as well.

Bromeliad Care & Details

These plants are relatively easy to care for indoors or in a greenhouse. Cold air would be the enemy of this plant, as it will struggle when the temperature reaches below 60F. Bromeliads are slow growing houseplants and can live a fairly long time if cared for properly. Often you will see the center plant die after flowering, but the plant will produce "pups," which can then be separated and potted up to produce new plants. Most bromeliads need indirect sunlight to grow well and produce flowers. You will be quite successful if you water the bromeliad thoroughly and then let it dry out completely between waterings. They do not prefer consistently moist soil and are susceptible to root rot, which means a well draining pot is a must. When in doubt, you can always sub-irrigate by watering in the tray in which the pot sits. Bromeliads love humid air, which makes sense considering their origins. Spraying or misting them with water will ensure they are at their happiest in their space. Insects and pests really aren't a major problem, but you may find some mealybugs or even some scale on your bromeliad, which can easily be taken care of in a variety of ways.

As an interior landscape company in North Carolina, we offer a rotation of flowering plants, using bromeliads as our go-to plants. This ensures our clients' space is constantly popping with color from these gems.

If you're curious about including plants in the design of your space, reach out to us for a FREE Consultation. We'd love to help you design the perfect interior landscape for you space.


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